Alteration Services

There are many ways to alter clothing. The needs of the customers are to be satisfied so that we can do an alteration which makes them happy. One of the most common alteration requests that we have encountered is the hemming of jeans or pants. The right length is measured and the desired length from the pants will be sewn.

Most ladies desire a well fitted dress and the need to alter the existing dress will be done by measuring their physique so that the dress will fit comfortably. The length of the dress, the cut of the dress can be adjusted to fit beautifully.

The needs of well fitted clothing for the gentlemen are done by altering the length of the shirts or pants. There may be a need to help in creating more space for the waistline as they become more successful. On the other hand, we can also help by making the pants more close fitting.

Dress Alteration Service

Dress alteration is a useful service to customers who need to alter their dress especially after a long period of not wearing them. It can be a special dress for festive or special occasions.

We use many methods to help you alter your dress so that you may not have to throw or give the dress away. We can plan the alteration of the dress according to the material or fabric and come up with a solution to alter your dress so that you can wear it again.

Our methods include the addition of matching fabric to lengthen the size of the dress or reduce the size of the dress if it's too large for you to wear.

For example, a way of alteration is to add fabric to lengthen a denim skirt. It helps to blend in the contrasting blue with the white lace so that the finished skirt is pleasant to the eyes.

Alteration of blue kabaya to smaller size.

Alteration of blue dress

This blue dress was altered by sewing the excess fabric inside the seam. Customers may opt to cut off the excess fabric but this method may alter the dress to this size permanently.

Alteration of colorful dress

The dress was altered by sewing a matching fabric to the side of the dress to fit the owner. The color matching was suitable to the dress and it was a good fit for the customer. A matching fabric was also added to the side of the dress to fit the customer comfortably.

Dress was altered to a bigger size by adding fabric to side of dress.
Denim skirt was extended with a lace edge from another skirt. A interface fabric was sewn between the denim and the lace to match the color contrast.

Alteration of denim skirt

The denim skirt length was extended by adding a suitable fabric to sew the lace together to the denim. A colorful interface fabric was sewn between the denim and the lace and the finished shirt was beautifully done.

Alteration of armhole of a dress

This dress armhole was cut and resewn to make the armhole larger than the original design such that the style of the dress was changed. The edge of the armhole was machines sewn to match the style of the dress.s.

The armhole of dess was altered and sewn to a loose fitting dress.

Hemming Service

Hemming is altering the length of a trouser and depending on the request, the length can be shortened or lengthen depending on the measurement of the owner's legs with reference to the shoes or to the ground.

There are 2 styles of sewing, one is hand sewn which is more suitable for business trousers where the stitch is almost invisible.

The other style of sewing is machine sewing of stitch once the right length of the trouser is determined. Machine sewing of the end of the trouser is suitable for casual style of design.

Blue jeans was shorten by hemming the edge of the pants.

Shirt Alteration

Shirt was altered by shortening the sleeve and adjustment done on the collar.

The shirt was altered by shortening the sleeve to fit the customer's arms. A sewing adjustment on the collar was also done to fit the customer's neckline. After the alteration of this shirt, the fitting was like a tailored shirt and more smart looking for the owner.

You can bring your favorite brand of shirt bought off the shelf or online and we can definitely alter it to fit your sizing as close to a tailored shirt as possible.