Sewing Services

There are many requests by customers involving sewing of clothing, fabric or handbags. We have various requests to sew pillow and bolsters cases for their bedrooms as some of these pillows and bolsters were not the standard sizes. Some of these are children size pillows and bolsters which the adult size covers are not fitting for them. It is a useful service to have us helping parents to sew these covers for their children.

Servicemen and women in the SAF, the Home Teams, NCC or other uniform groups can bring their uniforms for sewing uniform patches. We ensure that the sewing is done professionally according to the uniform code and we use matching color threads to sew the patches to these uniforms. It is a more convenient place for uniform sewing.

Sewing of uniform patches

Sewing of Singapore Navy number 4 uniform patches.

Instead of going all the way to beach road to sew uniform patches, the shop provide sewing service of SAF or Home team patches. In this example, the sewing of Singapore Navy uniform patches was done professionally and the thread matches the Navy uniform.

Custom sewing of pillow & bolster covers

Custom made pillow and bolster by sewing fabric according to sizes.

Parents want the best for their children, especially young children where their needs are very important and ready made pillow or bolster covers may not fit nicely.  The pillow and bolster covers can be customised in the shop to fit the existing pillow or bolster and this is especially useful for parents to replace their children worn out covers.

Custom sewing of cushion

Custom made cushion cover by sewing a cross stitch work around a ruffle and on the cushion cover.

This cushion was custom sewn for a customer who wanted to sew the cross stitch work onto a cushion casing. The ruffle was sewn around the cross stitch and then sewn onto the cushion casing.

Custom Sewing of masks

An old dress was recycled by re-sewing the fabric and made into masks and hair band.

Some customers wanted to be fashionable even when wearing masks. So they decided to design their own custom masks to suit their fashion or style when they are out of the house. They can provide the fabric to match their fashion or we can show the fabrics that we have.

Customisation of branded grey cap

Alteration of grey cap by shortening the bill.

This branded sport cap was customised by cutting the bill to shorten it and change the style of the sport cap. The owner can wear the cap to match a broader style of dressing of the owner.

Customisation of branded blue cap

Blue cap was modified by cutting away the bill and shortening it.

This branded blue cap was also being customised by cutting the bill of the cap. The tip of the bill with white strips was skillfully tugged in and sewn to hide the customization cut. This is another way we can help customers to be more trendy.