Bag Repair Singapore

Bag Repair Singapore

We can do all sorts of bag repairs if the repairs are within our skill and experience. But most of the time we are able to fix them. The most common bag repair that customers require us to help with is zipper replacement.

Old zippers were removed and resewn with new zippers. Torn bags with broken seams can be hand sewn to close the openings so that the handbags can be reused. Most of the customers who bring their handbags for repair as they want to restore or renew these handbags.

Repairing handbags or other types of bags are helping the environment by reducing waste. We can do our part by being green by repairing these handbags or bags which are repairable. A proper sewing of torn seams can restore the bag. If you are not sure if a damaged bag can be repaired, you can bring it to our stop or call us to ask for advice.

We are confident to repair all sorts of bags and even expensive bags. There were customers who trusted our workmanship that they were confident to bring their expensive bags for repair.

Repair of Tumi Bag

Repair of Tumi bag by replacing the worn out zipper.

The bag was repaired by replacing the zipper that was damaged. The color of the zipper and the thread was chosen to be as close as the original and strong enough to withstand daily use.

Repair of Timberland backpack

Old Timberland backpack was restored by replacing with a new zipper

The backpack was repaired by replacement of the worn out zipper of the flap of the outer compartment. After sewing, the backpack looked like it was not worn out.

Repair of Converse backpack

Repair of Converse backpack by replacing the worn zipper.

The backpack was also repaired by replacing the zippers and the color of the zipper and the thread was chosen to be as close as the original so that the new look will be like the original.

Leather handbag repair

Repair of worn brown leather bag by re-sewing of threads by hand.

The brown leather handbag was torn at the seam area and it was expertly hand sewn. The sewing on the handbag was done using the matching thicker thread that will hold the leather in place during normal daily uses.

Replacement of handbag magnetic clip

Replacement of branded handbag magnetic closure.

This handbag magnetic was missing due to wear and tear, so we sewed a new set of magnetic clip onto the flap so that the handbag can be secured and the content kept in place when the owner was using the handbag.

Repair of Sembonia backpack

Red Sembonia packpack was repaired by replacing the worn zipper.

The backpack was repaired by replacement and resewing of the zipper. The zipper replacement was the equivalent type and the backpack was restored as close to the original.

Repair of green handbag

Green handbag was repaired by replacing defective zipper.

The zipper failure was the most common repair that we encountered. This bag was also being repaired by replacing the green zipper with a new set that will help to prolong the lifespan of the bag.

Repair of blue waist pouch

Repair of blue waist pouch by replacing the broken zipper with a new zipper.

The zipper of the blue pouch was detached and the broken zipper was replaced by a new zipper. The repaired waist pouch was as good as the origin.

Repair of Trekkers backpack

A Trekkers backpack was repaired after replacing the worn zipper of the outer compartment.

For this repair, the old zipper on the outer compartment was replaced with a new zipper and resewn onto the backpack. The repair helps to give the owner extended service life of the backpack. It also helps to reduce waste if the owner just discard the backpack because of a worn zipper.

Zipper repair of a LeSportsac bag

Replacement of a zipper on the outer compartment of a LeSportsac handbag with a matching YKK zipper.

This replacement of zippers was done by removing of the worn zipper of the LeSportsac handbag. The new zipper was replaced with a matching color YKK zipper.

Repair of black Pedro backpack

Black Pedro back pack zipper was worn and the worn zipper was replaced by sewing a new zipper on it.

The black Pedro backpack zipper was worn out, therefore, the worn zipper was removed and a new matching zipper was sewn on by using a sewing machine.

Jansport backpack broken zipper was replaced.

A flowery Jansport backpack zipper malfunction and the broken zipper was removed, a new zipper was resewn by sewing maching to restore the backpack.

A Jansport backpack zipper detached and was removed by hand. The replacement YKK zipper was then resewn with a sewing machine and the backpack was functional again for use.

Repair of a messenger bag.

The zipper on a black leather messenger bag with blue corner leather design was replaced by hand removing the broken zipper with a pen knife. It was then resewn with a new matching blue zipper with a sewing machine.

The zipper on a black leather messenger bag was broken and the broken zipper was removed by hand and resewn with a matching zipper to match the function and the color of the bag lining.

Completed repair of the messenger bag.

The top shows a replaced bluish color zipper that match the color of the blue color leather on the bottom right of the messenger bag. The bottom shows the repaired messenger bag with zipper closed.

The color of the replacement zipper was chosen to match the bottom right leather design so that the repair was a refresh replacement from the original zipper color.

Metal zipper replacement for document bag.

Zipper on black leather document bag at the left of the picture was worn, there are 2 replacement nylon and metallic zippers on the top right of the picture. On the bottom right shows the repaired document bag with metal zipper.

The metallic zipper on the black leather document bag was worn. The owner was given a choice of using a replacement nylon or metallic zipper. The owner chosen the metallic zipper to replace the worn zipper. The replacement zipper was sewn on skillfully.

YKK Double zipper was sewn to leather bag

The left half of the picture show a double pull zipper was being sewn on a black leather bag. Top right shows the close up of the sewing. The bottom right shows the repaired bag.

Another black leather document bag worn zipper needed to be replaced and as the design have 2 zipper pullers, a suitable YKK metal zipper was sewn on to the other black leather document bag.

GrabFood backpack zipper replacement

Left half of the picture shows the worn water resistance zipper being removed from a green GrabFood backpack. Top right and bottom half of the picture shows the zipper being sewn by a sewing machine.

We helped our customer to replace the zipper of a GrabFood backpack. As the zipper for the backpack is water resistant, we replaced the worn out zipper with a similar water resistant zipper so that in case of rain, the repair can help the delivery person to keep the rain water out from the customer's orders.

GrabFood backpack zipper repaired

Top left and button left shows a green GrabFood backpack being sewn and right half of the picture shows completed replacement of the water resistance zipper.

We can help customers to repair different sizes of bags and for this GrabFood backpack, the size of the backpack is not too difficult for us to repair. Customer was happy that the backpack can be repaired instead of buying another new one from GrabFood which is quite expensive.

Zipper replacement of guitar gig bag

Left side of image show a hand showing worn zipper on a guitar gig bag. Right side shows repaired guitar bag.

Our special sewing machine can repair really large bag and our customer was glad to know that we are able to replace the worn zipper of the guitar gig bag. Normal sewing machines are restricted by the arm and sewing replacement zipper for this guitar gig bag is near impossible. We hope that we can help more customers with large or oversized bags with the zipper replacements or other sewing needs.

Magnetic purse closures replacement

Picture collage showing a green leather bag left side of picture showing missing magnetic purse closure. Right side top and bottom show replaced both sides with a new pair of the clasps.

Worn out or missing magnetic bag clasps can be replaced easily with different color options to match the leather bags of our customers. Depending on the types of leather handbags, the replacement clasps are usually uneventfully repairs. By helping our customers to replace the clasps, we help to reduce waste and extend the useful life of our clients' bags.