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  • Alteration Services

    • Sally's alteration services is located at Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre
    • Great workmanship with years of experience in sewing, alterations and repair services

  • Bag Repair

    • Replacement of zippers on various bags or handbags
    • Sewing of torn leather bags
    • Repair of broken leather bag zippers

  • Jeans & Pants Alteration

    • Hemming services for jeans & pants to suit your physique
    • Alteration of waist size
    • Replacement of broken zipper

  • Sewing Service

    • Customised sewing service
    • Sewing of pillow or bolster cases
    • Uniform patches
    • Large items such as luggage or golf bag

  • Up Cycle

    • Upcycling of clothes, bags or other personal items
    • Give a new life to these supposed old items. 
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Reduce waste.

  • Custom Leather Services

    • Create custom leather products

    • Create personalized leather products from new or old leather

    • Leather cleaning and repair services

We provide alteration and sewing services for both men and women apparel such as jeans or pants, blouses and dresses. One of the most requested services is the hemming of jeans or pants as customers want to alter their jeans or pants to suit their physique. We also alter shirts to fit the length of the arms so that the shirt will have a better fit.

We also provide sewing services of service patches for the SAF, Police, Civil defense, NCC and other uniforms groups. It is more convenient for customers from the uniform groups to get their uniforms sewn in our shop than traveling all the way to the Beach Road market to look for sewing services.

Sometimes, we also received requests for custom sewing such as altering of caps, modification of dresses and handbags. Some of these requests were due to sentimental reasons and we can custom build these items according to customers’ descriptions. Custom made sewing for children's clothes and custom size sewing for pillow or bolster cases is also available.

Most of the modifications were satisfactorily done for the customers. At some occasions, due to age of the dress or items, they cannot be properly repaired, they can be remade into another item such as remaking old worn out jeans into a bag.

The up cycling service for old clothing or bags is suitable for customers who like to reduce waste by up cycling their old clothing or bags to extend the useful life of these items.

We also provide leather repair and restoration services for customers who want to extend the useful life of their leather products.

There is also custom leather service where we do leather painting, custom make leather into useful leather bags or other leather products so that we can help customers to create one of the kind leather products which they have in mind. We can help them realized their ideas into reality.

Alteration Services

Buying clothing off the shelf or from an e-commerce store is a convenient way for many and buyers may like the type of fabric a particular brand carries. However, one size does not fit all. One of the most common issues buying clothing is the length or size of the clothing are either too long or broad.

Unless you go to a tailor to tailor for custom fitting, you may have to bear with wearing long and ill fitting clothing. We can easily help customers to alter their clothing to fit the owners' physique.

Dress Alteration

Alteration of blue kabaya to smaller size.

The blue dress was altered by sewing the seams to reduce the size to fit the owner. The excess clothes are sewn inside the dress so that there are enough space is there is need to change size again.

Hemming Service

Blue jeans was shorten by hemming the edge of the pants.

Hemming is a frequently requested service to fit a trouser with reference to the wearer's height. The sewing can be done by hand or machine sewing depending on the material and the style of the trouser.

Shirt Alteration

Shirt was altered by shortening the sleeve and adjustment done on the collar.

The shirt was altered by shortening the sleeve to fit the customer's arms. A sewing adjustment on the collar was also done to fit customer's neckline. You can bring your favorite brand of shirt bought off the shelf or online and we can definitely alter it to fit you.

Bag Repair

Our expertise includes repair of handbags, replacement of zippers of handbags. Depending on the condition of the bags, we may re-sew the zippers using a sewing machine or use hand sewing if it is a leather bag. We may also sew the seams by hand if that is the best method to restore the condition of the leather bags.

We have a sewing machine which is able to sew leather bags and large or bulky bags. With this additional machine, we are able to serve customers who are looking for leather repair service so that they do not have to throw away the bag. We are able to sew bulky bags such as guitar bags with this new sewing capability.

Repair of leather bag

Repair of worn brown leather bag by re-sewing of threads by hand.

This brown leather hand bag was worn and the torn seam was repaired by hand sewing of thread to fix the torn seam.

Replacement of zipper

Green handbag was repaired by replacing defective zipper.

The owner of this green handbag requested replacement of the zipper due to wear and tear. The zipper was changed and the handbag was as good as new.

Replacement of magnetic tab

Replacement of branded handbag magnetic closure.

The magnetic holder of this handbag was worn and it was changed to a new magnetic tab holder.

Jeans & Pants Alteration

Alteration of jeans size

Alteration of dark denim jeans by re-stitching.

This jeans was altered by adding extra cloths to the waist area increasing the size of the jeans.

Replacement of jeans zipper

Repair of blue jeans zipper

This jeans was mended by changing the zipper that was worn out and after replacing the zipper, the new zipper was much easier to use.

Replacement of zipper

Defective Zipper of Blue denim jeans was replaced.

This jeans was also repaired by removing the zipper that was worn out and the new zipper on the jeans was as good as new.

Sewing Services

There are many requests for sewing services that customers ask the seamstress to work on and she can meet their requirement, for example, she helped customers to sew uniform patches, custom sewing of pillow & bolster cases, alter their caps and converting their jeans into a bag.

Sewing of uniform patches

Sewing of Singapore Navy number 4 uniform patches.

Sewing of patches for uniforms from SAF, Police and Civil defence force and the sewing are professionally done. The threads that she uses are matching to the uniforms of the various services. Its convenient for them to bring their uniforms to our shop for sewing.

Custom sewing of pillow and bolster covers

Custom made pillow and bolster by sewing fabric according to sizes.

The pillow and bolster covers were custom made according to the size of the pillow and bolster. It is suitable for customers who need to replace children's pillow and bolster cases regularly.

Customization of gray branded cap

Alteration of grey cap by shortening the bill.

This branded sport cap was  customised by cutting the bill to shorten it and change the style of the sport cap. The owner can wear the cap to match a broader style of dressing of the owner.

Customization of blue branded cap

Blue cap was modified by cutting away the bill and shortening it.

This blue branded cap was also being shorten by cutting the bill of the cap. The tip of the bill with white strips was skillfully tugged in and sewn to hide the customization cut.

Up Cycling for Clothing and Bags

We believe in the power of upcycling to transform the way we think about fashion and reduce waste in our world. That's why we're proud to offer upcycling services for our customers who want to give new life to their existing clothing, bags, and leather products. At Sally Alteration Services, we are passionate about finding creative solutions to transform old items into new, unique, and stylish pieces.

From repairs and alterations to custom designs and redesigns, we offer a wide range of upcycling services to help you create a sustainable and personalized wardrobe.

Our owner, Sally, has been featured in the MediaCorp series "Fashion Refabbed" which showcases the art of upcycling and reducing waste in our daily lives. The program highlights the potential of transforming old personal items into new and useful pieces showcasing Sally's creativity and expertise in this area.

Fabric of a dress was remake into a handbag with a picture of a butterfly. The left shows the bag with side button closed and right shows the bag fully opened.
A old dress was given a new lease of life by being upcycled into a hand bag.

Custom Leather Services

If you're looking for high-quality custom leather services, we specialize in creating unique, one-of-a-kind leather designs for wallets, bags, and other personal items. We are passionate about leather and take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service. Whether you're interested in custom leather painting and design, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

The left half of the photo shows a hand drawn picture of a female Chinese opera artiste on a purse with white pearls. The right side of the photo shows a hand holding a pink wallet with a cartoon painted on it.
Leather painting, also known as "leather marquage" is a skill where unique designs are painted onto leather items.

Leather Repair and Restoration

We offer leather repair and restoration of color due to prolonged usage and can bring back the beauty and functionality of your worn-out leather bags, wallets, and personal accessories. Whether your leather item has scratches, scuffs, torn seams, or faded color, we can handle a wide range of repairs and restorations. We utilize high-quality materials and proven techniques to ensure seamless results that blend seamlessly with the original design. From carefully stitching torn seams to skillfully matching and restoring the color, we go the extra mile to achieve exceptional outcomes.

A faded black bag shown at left side of the picture was restored to its black color at the left side of the picture.
Color Restoration of a black bag.
This branded wallet at the left of photo shows the edge being worn out and de-colorized. The right side show the restored edge and the color restoration.
Branded wallet edge was restored and re-colored.
This leather lattice wallet shown on the left was damaged by a pet dog and it was restored on the right side of the photo.
A Damaged lattice leather wallet was restored.

Leather Marquage

Discover the artistry of leather marquage with our expert craftsmanship. Elevate your leather handbags and accessories with personalized designs that reflect your unique style. This expertise to intricately draw and customize designs directly onto your leather pieces, adding a touch of individuality and sophistication. Whether you desire initials, patterns, or intricate motifs, our leather marquage service transforms your accessories into timeless works of art. Explore the possibilities of personalized luxury and make a statement with our bespoke leather marquage service.

Image shows a white leather marquage handback with flowery and bird design painted on.
Image shows a yellow leather marquage handback with a hilly scenery design painted on.

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