Replacing a stained shirt collar

Collar replacement feature image.

Replacing shirt collarThe shirt collar was stained due to extensive usage and requires replacement. Cutting off the old shirt collarThe old shirt collar was cut off and to be replaced by a new collar. A replacement collarA new replacement collar was made and was ready to be sewn onto the shirt. Completed shirt collar replacementThe…

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Repair of branded backpack (Tumi brand)

Tumi backpack backing being resewn.

Repair of branded backpack (Tumi brand)The lower part of the backing fabric was worn out due to wear and tear. A guide was drawn to cut off the worn area.The worn part of the lower part of the backing of the backpack was mark out. The lower part will be sewn with another piece of…

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Tshirt alteration

Image shows tshirt being altered by cutting off the excess length and resewn with double stitching.

Tshirt AlterationThe tshirt was brought to the shop be shorten by altering the length. The length of the tshirt was cut to the correct length. The excess length of the Tshirt was cut off. The resewned edge with double stitching.

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