New leather sewing machine to meet customers’ need.

Feature image for new leather sewing machine post.

We bought a new sewing machine that is able to sew leather or thicker fabric more efficiently. This is to help us turn around the repair for leather product faster and and more efficient. The new sewing machine is also able to sew fabric that are thicker especially for bag repair. The owner of this…

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Repair of Maverick & Co leather handbag

Maveric & Co leather handbag carry straps repair.

A customer came in with a worn out Maverick & Co black leather handbag. It was quite extensively worn out due to frequent use. Both of the carry straps were quite worn out and the leather on the body was also peeled off. We were able to replace and sew a new pair of straps…

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Sewing of red color leather handbag

Sewing of red color leather handbag feature image.

We do hand sewing on this triangular ring that was attached to the red leather handbag. The ring for the strap attachment was hand sewn using a matching color thread and we were able to provide a satisfactory service for the owner of the handbag. The completed repair of the red leather handbag.

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Brown leather bag repair

Brown leather bag zipper was replaced by sewing on a similar metal zipper.

Repair of brown leather bag.The metal zipper of the brown leather bag cannot stay closed. This leather bag was well seasoned and the owner was looking for zipper replacement by sewing a new set of metal zipper. Sewing of new metal zipper on leather bag.The worn zipper was removed by Sally and the new metal…

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