Repair of Maverick & Co leather handbag

Maveric & Co leather handbag carry straps repair.

A customer came in with a worn out Maverick & Co black leather handbag. It was quite extensively worn out due to frequent use. Both of the carry straps were quite worn out and the leather on the body was also peeled off. We were able to replace and sew a new pair of straps…

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Cleaning of blue color Furla handbag

Blue color Furla handbag after cleaning service.

A blue color Furla handbag was sent to us by the owner for cleaning service. The color of the handbag was not attractive when it was sent over due to the long usage of the handbag. After the leather cleaning service was completed, the original color of the handbag was more vivid and bright. The…

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Olive green backpack repair

A repaired green olive back pack.

The next backpack repair job was an olive green backpack which was torn at the lower seam. Completed repair of the olive green backpack done by resewing of the torn seam together.

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Luggage internal zipper repair

A black color luggage after its zipper compartment zipper was replaced with a new zipper.

Replacement of damaged zipper of the zipper compartmentThe black color luggage zipper compartment zipper had split and have to be replaced to repair the luggage. The completed replacement of the zipperThis repair helped the owner save money but not having to buy a new luggage. But sending your luggage for repair, it help to extend…

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Sewing of red color leather handbag

Sewing of red color leather handbag feature image.

We do hand sewing on this triangular ring that was attached to the red leather handbag. The ring for the strap attachment was hand sewn using a matching color thread and we were able to provide a satisfactory service for the owner of the handbag. The completed repair of the red leather handbag.

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The North Face backpack repair

Feature image showing repaired shoulder straps on a black North Face backpack.

We received a black color The North Face backpack from a customer and the customer hoped that we can help to repair the backpack by fixing the backpack straps. The straps were very worn and if owners of such expensive backpacks do not know where to find a reputable bag repair service, they will usually…

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Sally was featured in MediaCorp series Fashion Refabbed

Snippet from MediaCorp meWATCH. Sally was invited to be part of the MediaCorp TV program “Fashion Refabbed” hosted by Kym Ng. The filming session was sometime in July 2002. The intention of the episodes is to encourage viewers to upcycle their old clothes and give new life to these old clothes. The invited guests and…

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Winter Jacket Repair (rh+ Italy Brand)

Feature image of rh+ ski jackets from Italy.

Customer sent in a rh+ Italian branded winter jacket for repair. The jacket collar and sleeve were disintegrated due to long term storage and we were able to restore the jacket close to original form. The disintegrated fabric was removed from the sleeve and a similar fabric was sewn onto the sleeve to complete repair…

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Backpack repair (REI Brand)

New replacement sling padding.

Some customers are very sentimental about the bags they own and they have various reasons to do so. Some are  sentimental over their bags as these bags may be limited to the countries they bought from or these bags hold special memories and moments for the owners. It was also good to repair bags so…

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