Jeans alteration (New pair of Levi Jeans)

Feature image of a Levi jeans alteration where a customer's jeans hem was was broaden with a piece of denim cloth.

A customer brought a Levi Jeans for alteration because the customer wanted a broader hem. We remove the thread of the Levi Jeans and cut a denim fabric to broaden the hem of the jeans. We sew the thread that is matching to the new pair of Levi Jeans so that the alteration looks like…

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Zipper repair of a seasoned TUMI briefcase

Repair of TUMI briefcase where the cloth of the zipper was replaced.

One of our customer brought this well season TUMI briefcase for us to repair and we noticed that the fabric along the zipper was worn off due to the age. After the repair by using a similar fabric to replace, the original zipper was retained so that the briefcase can retain its originality and class.

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