Repair of Maverick & Co leather handbag

A black leather Maverick & Co hand carry strap were worn off.

A customer came in with a worn out Maverick & Co black leather handbag. It was quite extensively worn out due to frequent use.

Another view of the worn Maverick & Co leather handbag.

Both of the carry straps were quite worn out and the leather on the body was also peeled off.

The worn out carry straps were replaced with a matching pair and the worn straps were place below of the picture for comparison.

We were able to replace and sew a new pair of straps onto the Maverick & Co leather bag and we also managed to touch up the peeled leather on the top part of the bag body.

Repaired black leather Maverick & Co leather handbag.

The repaired Maverick & Co black leather handbag.