Backpack repair (REI Brand)

REI backpack after repairing the sling padding.

Some customers are very sentimental about the bags they own and they have various reasons to do so. Some areĀ  sentimental over their bags as these bags may be limited to the countries they bought from or these bags hold special memories and moments for the owners. It was also good to repair bags so that their useful lifespan can be further extended. (Finished repair. Backpack was very well seasoned but sentimental to the owner).

Padding on the sling was worn out.
Getting a replacement fabric.

The original padding of the sling was worn out and a replacement fabric was use to create a replacement padding.

Sewing of the padding outline forming the shape.

The outline of the replacement padding was sewn to form the shape of the new padding.

Completed replacement padding for the sling.
Sewing the new padding on to the sling.

After completed the custom sewing of the new padding, the padding was inserted into the strap and sewn onto the backpack to complete the repair.