Replacing a stained shirt collar

Collar replacement feature image.

Replacing shirt collarThe shirt collar was stained due to extensive usage and requires replacement. Cutting off the old shirt collarThe old shirt collar was cut off and to be replaced by a new collar. A replacement collarA new replacement collar was made and was ready to be sewn onto the shirt. Completed shirt collar replacementThe…

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Repair of branded backpack (Tumi brand)

Tumi backpack backing being resewn.

Repair of branded backpack (Tumi brand)The lower part of the backing fabric was worn out due to wear and tear. A guide was drawn to cut off the worn area.The worn part of the lower part of the backing of the backpack was mark out. The lower part will be sewn with another piece of…

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Tshirt alteration

Image shows tshirt being altered by cutting off the excess length and resewn with double stitching.

Tshirt AlterationThe tshirt was brought to the shop be shorten by altering the length. The length of the tshirt was cut to the correct length. The excess length of the Tshirt was cut off. The resewned edge with double stitching.

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Blue Malay Dress

A zipper was sewn on a custom blue Malay dress.

Custom sewing of a blue Malay dressThe customer was a Malay lady who commission us to make a blue dress for herself and her family. The measurement was made and the sewing was done accordingly. However, we didn’t have the opportunity to take photo of the whole sets of custom clothing to show case the…

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Brown leather bag repair

Brown leather bag zipper was replaced by sewing on a similar metal zipper.

Repair of brown leather bag.The metal zipper of the brown leather bag cannot stay closed. This leather bag was well seasoned and the owner was looking for zipper replacement by sewing a new set of metal zipper. Sewing of new metal zipper on leather bag.The worn zipper was removed by Sally and the new metal…

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Luggage repair (Ragdoll brand)

Blue luggage was repaired by resewing worn zipper.

Luggage repairThe issue with this luggage was long term storage due to world wide travel restrictions due to Covid-19. After easing of travel restriction early 2022, the owner planning for a overseas trip found that the original thread holding the zipper was not strong and was worn as a result. Completed re-sewing of zipper with…

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Repair of golf bag zipper

Feature image for golf bag zipper repair.

Repair of golf bag zipper.The worn zipper of the golf bag was taken off by cutting off the threads holding the worn zipper. A new set of zipper was sewn onto the golf bag by hand. Completed replacement of worn golf bag zipper.The golf bag zipper repair was completed after being hand sewn on golf…

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Repair of branded leather wallet

Feature image of sewing of leather wallet.

Repair of branded wallet.The branded leather wallet was used for a long time by the owner. The repair may not be economical at the boutique and we sewn the opened up edge together and hope that this repair can give more years to extend the useful life of the wallet.

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